LAST CHANCE - LIMITED STOCK - Problem Solving - Pattern Matching Busy Bag with Pegs and Board

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- One Lauri Crepe Rubber 8" Pegboard,
- 25 bright 2 5/8" tall pegs in 5 colors.  pegboard only comes with 25 pegs for a 36 hole board. 


PEGBOARD WITH CARDS OPTION - This peg board toy is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers aged 2 and up. You can simply place the pegs in the board or advanced users can follow the included pattern cards!

You get 10 double-sided laminated pattern cards with a variety of skills (20 patterns total)
-6 patterns are beginner/easier with "grouped" colors. For example, the patterns would consist of squares of 4 or 6 of the same colors grouped together.
- 7 of the patterns are more difficult because they are just scattered colored pegs. These are more advanced patterns because children need to count the number of holes in a particular color peg is and work from there. For example, the pattern may have a blue peg on the top row and third hole in. The next peg might be two holes over etc. A couple use fewer pegs so they are an easier transition into this type of challenge.
- The last pattern style is a mirror image challenge. There are 7 of these patterns. This style has half of the peg board completed with a dotted line splitting the board into two halves. Children begin by matching the card, then completing the other half of the pattern by problem solving and finding the mirror of the pattern.

- One Lauri Crepe Rubber 8" Pegboard,
- 40 bright 2 5/8" tall pegs in 5 colors. This set has 15 extra pegs since the standard pegboard only comes with 25 pegs for a 36 hole board. This set has enough pegs to fill the entire board without having to purchase the pegs separately.
Tall stacking pegs are easy to grasp and place on the board (or can simply be stacked together). Plastic pegs are 2 5/8" tall and come in 5 colors
- 10 double-sided thick laminated pattern cards. This activity comes with 20 patterns (10 cards double sided). Cards are professionally printed on thick card stock and laminated. These cards are classroom tough. The patterns can be rotated in all 4 directions for extra puzzles, so this bag includes 80 different challenges!

I have an option to add 15 more pegs so you can make taller towers if desired.

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