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WE ARE HIRING!  See details for application instructions below.

  • Position Title: Toy Store Shipping and Assembly Specialist
  • Location: Dorr, MI
  • Duration: part-time
  • Salary Range: $10.00-$20.00 per hour based on experience/education/performance.  Experience and education will provide a higher starting pay, however, performance can bring up pay regardless of education and experience.

Company Background:

Curious Minds Busy Bags is an online toy store that is located in Dorr, MI.  The e-commerce company has been owner-operated since 2012, and is now seeking a second person to join the team.  We specialize in educational and open-ended toys that promote discovery and creative play.  We also specialize in sensory and fidget toys for different learners.  We currently ship products worldwide, but we are opening a physical storefront soon in Dorr, MI.

Job Position:

My e-commerce toy store is looking for a shipping and assembly specialist to join me in the daily workings of a mini warehouse.  The position includes light assembly, which includes sorting and bagging toys to get them ready to ship.  The position also includes packing and shipping multiple packages a day to customers worldwide.  This position has 3 main job responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Fulfilling orders – Shipping product to customers.
    1. Pick and pack items for shipment. Open a list of open customer orders and begin picking the items from the bins in the warehouse.  Scan the item to remove it from inventory, then packing the item(s) in mailers or boxes. 
    2. Weigh the package and print postage. This is a repetitive task as there are multiple orders going out a day.  Weighing package and printing postage for customer orders. 
  2. Receiving – Every day feels like your birthday when you unbox all the new toys that UPS drops off.
    1. Unloading and restocking incoming shipments as well as verifying the quantity of items received against invoices. Basically, we open the boxes and make sure we received everything we ordered and check to see if anything was damaged.  We then unbox the items and put them away in their designated location in the warehouse. 
    2. Updating inventory as new product is added. We add the new items to the inventory program.
    3. Maintain general warehouse cleanliness, daily upkeep of warehouse. We crush a lot of boxes.
  1. Assembly - Light assembly of products.
    1. This includes sorting and counting parts and putting them together to create a final product. (example would be sorting animal figurines and adding card sets to a bag with the animals). The Assembler is responsible for verifying correct quantities of components parts and quality checking completed items.
    2. Bagging final products and adding barcode stickers.


Although experience with light assembly and shipping would be beneficial, it is not required.  My background and training is in education and art, with no experience with warehouse duties.  I can train the right person to do any of the job duties listed as long as the candidate has the following skills.

  • Self-Starter – I am looking for someone who can work independently to complete a task. Someone who is able to find something that needs to be done without being told. 
  • Detail Oriented. – We do a lot of sorting and counting, so a successful candidate must be able to focus on the task at hand and pay attention to details.  The candidate must be able to differentiate between similar products to make sure the correct product is delivered to the customer.
  • Flexible - Demonstrated flexibility in adapting to a wide variety of tasks and functions. Sometimes you will be pulled from one task to work on another.  Strong multi-tasking and prioritization skills with the ability to adapt to change.
  • Organized – Someone who can organize parts and pieces and be able to remember where items are in the warehouse.
  • Proven problem solver with solid analytical skills.
  • Ability to lift 50 lb. boxes unassisted.
  • Motivated and willing to learn and take on extra tasks.
  • Must be able to pass background check & drug screen.
  • Must enjoy repetitive tasks.
  • High School Diploma or GED minimum. Successful assemblers in the past have been elementary teachers.


  • Strong work ethic – you show up on time and when you are scheduled.
  • You can work without having to play on your phone all day. Phones are a distraction and can cause mistakes.


I am flexible with hours and schedules.  I am able to work around your family needs.  I am a mom and understand that children get sick, and there are snow days.

  • Part-time position. Number of hours per week is flexible.
  • Schedule is flexible. Ideally, I am looking for someone who can work with me during school hours, but it does not have to be every day or full days.  I am flexible with your schedule.
  • Casual environment.
  • Pay raises based on your performance.
  • Ability to grow into a full-time position.

Application Process:

  • Application Deadline: August 15, 2019
  • Please email resume, schedule and cover letter to curiousmindsbusybags@gmail.com
  • Please reference job title in the subject line.
  • Cover letter must include a detailed explanation of why you meet the requirements for the position. Highlight your skills and experience and why you think you would be a good fit for the position.
  • Include a page defining your availability and desired schedule. Include days and times you are available, and your desired number of hours per week.



Welcome! I'm Angie and I created Curious Minds Busy Bags in 2012 after my twin boys were born.  I am a certified teacher and I specialize in creating unique educational learning toys for toddlers and preschoolers.

Curious Minds Busy Bags is dedicated to developing original kid-friendly learning activities for children to explore while building essential skills needed for school success. Parents, early childhood teachers and occupational therapists trust my learning activities in their home, school or home school classrooms. They are classroom-quality educational toys that promote independent play that builds essential skills. My activities are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and beneficial for individual who have special needs that need to be developed such as those with autism, sensory processing or dementia. My learning games and sensory toys have been enjoyed by children in day cares, Montessori schools, and early intervention classrooms!

Buy with confidence!  I have thousands of positive feedbacks from my Etsy and Amazon stores.

Contact Me:

-- My personal favorite way to use busy bags is to have a quick “in case of an emergency” distraction for mischievous toddlers. Any time my twin boys are getting a little reckless and needing a change of pace I pull out an activity for an immediate distraction from the behavior. Playing and learning with an activity is a lot more fun for both parents and children than being frustrated and disciplined. Let them focus on play instead of bad behavior and you can sit down and relax and watch their little minds at work!
-- Parents, do you need a little time to make a phone call without a toddler hanging on you? Do you need to cook dinner…..or feed the new baby? My learning activities keep children actively engaged in a healthy activity while you cook or do other tasks. My boys love to “play something at the table” while we cook. We get out their trays and an activity and they are happy!
-- Do you have a longer than expected wait while waiting at a restaurant or doctor’s office? Busy bags are portable and make a great quiet activity for when your toddlers are having a difficult time sitting still and being quiet. Parents often find these games perfect for quiet activities at church or out and about.
-- Do you need a quiet activity to engage your older child while your baby naps? Or perhaps you need a quiet activity for quiet time when your preschooler gives up naps? Parents also use busy bags to give to younger children while the parent is giving a lesson to the older home schooled child. -- Teachers use these activities in learning centers or for children who finish their work early and need a quiet activity.
-- Did your child’s early intervention teacher or occupational therapist recommend you work on certain skills with your child? My learning games are perfect therapy toys.
-- Are you unexpectedly stuck inside due to a snow day or rainy weather?
-- Are you traveling or vacationing? Many busy bags are perfect for on the go fun and travel to keep kids entertained in the car or airplane.

Busy bags make great birthday presents for your child or their friends. They are perfect for big brother or sister gifts or for those who are having a new baby with a toddler in the house.


1928 142nd Ave, Dorr, MI 49323