Tiny Snap Button Peg Board with Pattern Cards Toy

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$ 15.00 


This flexible silicone peg board pattern matching toy is compact and lots of fun.  Simply snap on the assorted colorful pegs to re-create the picture patterns or create your own designs.  Pull the pegs off to do it again.

  • Copy the pattern on the pattern cards.
  • You can extend this pattern matching activity by filling in the top row with the pegs, and have your child recreate the color pattern on the next row.  
  • You could also fill in half of the board and have the children try to create the mirror image on the opposite side.  

Peg boards are a great way for children to develop fine motor strength.  Before kids can properly hold a pencil and write they must have strength in their hands and fingers.  Pinching and pushing the pegs into the board along with pulling them out builds these tiny muscles while children are playing. 

Includes / Dimensions:

  1. One TINY silicone board measures 2.5"x2.5"
  2. 24 1/2" snap pegs, 2 of each of the 10 colors.
  3. 4 double-sided pattern cards (8 patterns total)  cards are 2.6"x2.5".  Each card can be rotated on all 4 sides to make 4 different patterns per side of each card.  This is 32 different challenges.

Why I Love It:

These boards are simply fun to manipulate.  Each board has 25 holes that the little circle pegs snap into.  Children can explore symmetry, create pictures or simply have fun by filling the board.  These are easy to snap in, even for younger children.  The only disadvantage is removing the pegs can be difficult for little ones to remove because you do need to pull them hard to get them out.

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