Small Bendy Wood Fidget Toy - Flexible Puzzle Fidget with Wood Cubes and Elastic - Turn and Twist

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 2.00 


This wood fidget toy has 12 colorful .5" wood blocks that are connected by elastic so kids can create all kinds of shapes with just a few twists and turns.  Each cue has slits cut out so you can twist and turn the cubes to make different shapes.

Great for children who fidget to self-calm or need a portable activity to keep them focused.  It is a fun fidget to keep fingers busy.  You can twist it to make different objects or letters, try to bring it back to the original rectangle.   They are fun for the car, office or classroom. You can play games where one person makes something, and others have to recreate it. That is a fun therapy activity.

- 1 wood fidget toy that is 6" long x .5" wide.

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