Love bug in Box Novelty Gift - Bugs Legs Wiggle So it Looks Alive - Wooden Hinged Box Nut Ladybug

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 2.00 


I was so excited to see these come back.  This little toy was a favorite of mine in the 1980's.  The novelty gift is a little wooden box that has a hinge.  When opened, you are greeted by an adorable little bug suspended in the box.  Each bug has little legs that are hanging down, and they wiggle with the movement of the box being held and opened.  Each box comes with a clear sticker that says I love you.  (Please note: Sticker does not stick well on the wood, so they may come with the sticker needing to be replaced in the correct spot)

Each box is 2" x 1.35" x 1.25".  These are perfect gifts for those you love!

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