LAST CHANCE - LIMITED STOCK - Wood Peg Board and Stacking Toy with Pattern Cards

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$ 12.00 


This sturdy and durable wooden peg board toy can be used for simple pegging, stacking, color matching, lacing and more.  The solid wood toy is ideal for children ages 2+ so it would be a wonderful addition to any toddler or preschool play space or classroom

Multiple Uses and Levels of Challenge:

  1. Simple peg toy - Simply place the pegs into the holes on the solid wood base.  Add to the challenge by placing the rings around the pegs.
  2. Color matching - Arrange the pegs on the board in random order, then match the rings to the correct color peg.
  3. Stacking - You can build up vertically too!  Add a peg and a ring, then stack another peg!  Keep doing this to see how high of a tower you can make.  And of course knock it down.
  4. Lacing - Use the rings as large colorful chunky beads for little fingers.  Pair with a shoelace or a rope!
  5. Patterns - Use the pattern cards to extend the play.  Each card can be rotated 4 ways for a total of 80 challenges!
  6. Make your own random pattern on one half of the board then have your child mirror image the pattern on the side of the board.


  1. One wooden board with 16 holes.  Board is 7'' x 7''
  2. 16 wooden pegs.  (1.75" long x 3/4" wide) Pegs are wood and painted with non toxic, water based stain in 8 vibrant colors
  3. 16 wooden rings.  (1.5" wide) Rings are wood and painted with non toxic, water based stain in 8 vibrant colors.
  4. 10 double-sided picture pattern cards (20 total)  Cards are professionally printed on heavy cardstock and laminated with 5mil lamination.  These cards are classroom tough.  Cards are 2.6"x2.5".  Each card can be rotated 4 ways for a total of 80 challenges!  Many more can be created with your child's imagination.

 Why I love It:

  1. It is a solid wood toy that is built to last.  The colors are bright and cheerful and painted with child safe paint.
  2. I love the versatility of this toy.  It is an open-ended classic that can be used in so many ways.  It is not a one dimensional toy.
  3. This toy is a fun way to build up fine motor and hand eye coordination skills in early childhood.  Children pinch and pick up the objects and line them up with the holes in the board.  They are learning while playing.
  4. It is beautiful and the clanking sound of solid wood is just delightful.  This toy can be left out at all times because it is so pretty.

Mom Critique:

This peg board toy has a manufacture recommended age of 2+ which is great for young learners. I did place the pegs in a chocking hazard safety test tube and the diameter fits in the tube.  The instructions on the safety checker states that anything that fully fits in the tube (without hanging out) are choking hazards, but the long slender peg still concerns this safety salamander mom so I would supervise very young children.

This wood toy is perfect for preschoolers, and ideal for Montessori work and occupational therapy tasks.


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