Jumbo Snap Block Patterns Busy Bag - Fine Motor and Pattern Matching Children's Toy

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 18.00 

This pattern matching busy bag is perfect for travel or on the go. This activity strengthens visual discrimination and problem solving because kids need to look at the patterns and recreate what they see using the correct color snap block. This activity has an optional extra challenge. Each easy to snap block has one of 4 shapes on its face. Advanced users can make sure the shape matches the pattern cards as well!

- This activity comes with 10 (2cm) blocks in 10 different colors.
- You also get 10 double-sided laminated cards professionally printed on cardstock, for a total of 20 patterns. Each pattern card can be rotated 4 ways to make 4 separate patterns per side! (that's 80 different patterns!)

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