FREE GIFT with $50.00 Purchase - Your Choice

Curious Minds Busy Bags

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Select ONE item from this listing for any purchase $50.00 or more.  (Not including Shipping)  

  1. Check the total for your shopping cart.  Look at the total PRODUCT price (not including shipping).
  2. Verify your order total comes to $50.00 or more.
  3. Select an item from this listing using the drop down menu to select your option.
  4. The free item will be added to your cart and shipped with your order.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you select a free product that is for cart totals more than your total, I will randomly select a free item from the correct listing.  (Lets say your cart totals $28.00 and you select a free item available for orders over $50.00 instead of one from the $25.00 or more selection.  I will randomly select an item from the correct $25.00 or more section.)

You can break it up if you want and get more free items.  Lets say your total is $100.00.  You can get one item from the $100.00 selection, or 2 items from the $50.00 section, or 4 from the $25.00 section.  As long as it totals the amount you can make any combination.

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