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Curious Minds Busy Bags

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Select one free activity from this listing and add it to your cart with a purchase of $75.00 or more (not including shipping).  You can also select one item from the $50.00 or $25.00 options instead if you like those options more.


  1. Learn to tell time with this fun clock.  Have an adult write a time on paper and have the child set the time on the clock.  Adult says a time and kid writes the time correctly and sets the clock. You get 1 plastic geared clock (spin the minute hand and the hour hand moves appropriately)

  2. 10 Plastic beads and a lace for on the go fun.
  3. Animal threading.  Lace the thick cardboard animal (styles vary)
  4. Pipe cleaner drop - Push the pipe cleaners through the holes in the lid of the mini container.
  5. Random Alphabet Object Lot #12 - 27 Objects.  These are random discounted sets that do not have every letter or sound. Each image shows the exact objects that you will get (colors may vary but objects will be the same).
  6. Mini Stacking blocks - 20 tiny stackers.
  7. Snowball shooter
  8. Mini ball popper.  2.5" ball popper.  Since it is so small it can be hard to squeeze with enough force to pop the ball.  But it keeps you trying and building hand muscles.



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