Wind-Up Walking Puffer Chicks - Animals that Hops Across the Floor - Easter - Toy Gift - Party Favor

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These adorable fuzzy animals are yellow chicks that hop across the room after you wind them up.  They have a soft and flexible skin that is made of puffer material with a nice hairy texture.  They are so cute and they make perfect additions to any Easter basket or party goody bag.   3" x 3" x 2".  Wind Up Animals - Wind them up and watch them hop across the floor or table. They are so cute to watch. Have fun by having races.

Wind Up Toys are a great Occupational Therapy toy because they strengthen fine motor muscles in the hand, and they work on bilateral coordination and hand/eye coordination by using both hands to wind up the  toy.  Kids love doing these actions because it is so fun to see the toy walk!

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