Sticky Wall and Window Clinging Walker Balls Tumblers Crawlers - Fun Small Toy Prize Assortment Ceiling Toy

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These sticky little hairy balls are wall walkers.  You get a bunch of colorful sticky balls that you can throw against a wall or window and they will slowly release with their little hairs and crawl down a vertical surface. Use over and over again.  Each ball has a hole on it that can be stretched over a finger tip or pencil tip.  It makes the most satisfying fidget to tap the sticky ball on a desk surface and release.  Because they are sticky, it takes a little bit of pressure to pull your finger or pen back up.  Each ball is .75" and have a sticky tacky surface that enables it to stick to walls or ceilings if you throw them. It is a fun game to try and throw and hit a target, or to lay in bed and throw it at the ceiling and wait for it to fall and catch it. The first couple of times you throw it, it will take several minutes to fall, but repeated use will case it to loose some of its tackiness, and it will fall sooner. Eventually, it will loose its stickiness from dust and fibers, simply wash with soap and water and it will get sticky again!  These assorted small toys would make a perfect addition to any classroom party, birthday party goodie bag, or a prize treasure hunt.

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