Soft Mini Spike Hedge Balls - Spiky Wooly Porcupine Balls - Sensory Novelty Toy - Fun Soft and Squishy

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 7.00 


Kids love these little soft and squishy hedge spike balls. They are 1.25", and come in 6 colors.

  • These balls are fun with tweezers or tongs for fine motor play, sorting, or using for practicing using pincer and thumb opposition in occupational therapy.  They can also be used in pencil position training.  Keep a ball or 2 clenched in your 2 extra fingers and palm while you hold your pencil properly with the thumb and other 2.
  • These are also fun finger fidgets because they are squishy, and you can squeeze a few in your hand and roll them around to keep your hands busy.
  • These popular toys make great birthday goodie bag fillers or popular treasure box prizes or classroom rewards.

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