LAST CHANCE - LIMITED STOCK - SALE - Snap Block - Interlocking Cubes and Building Base - Constructive Building Block Toy with Patterns

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This building toy consists of a blue baseboard and 6oz of centimeter interlocking connecting cubes. You can fill the board with the cubes, or build sculptures or animals up on the board.   This toy is perfect for children who like to build. Children can use the 1cm (tiny) linking blocks to create different objects and animals, or just build cool structures on the block baseboard. This set comes with one linking cube baseboard and 6oz (approx 150) random linking blocks! The blue baseboard measures 10cm square and has connectors if you want to add on more boards to make the building base larger.
I also created pattern cards to create images including a train, duck, swan, coffee cup, boat heart and others (10 patterns total)
The board is 10cm square and each cube is 1cm. (connect if you want a larger building surface)
Cards are professionally printed on heavy cardstock and laminated with 5mil lamination. These cards are classroom tough. Cards are 2.6"x2.5".
Please note:  Placing the cubes on the board can be a little finicky.  Sometimes you need to rotate a cube to make it fit snug up against another cube on the base.  So for example, if you try to fill the entire board with 100 cubes, you will need to rotate some cubes to make them fit snug up against each other.  This might be frustrating for some children.

This activity is perfect for parents, occupational and physical therapists, early childhood educators, day care providers and anyone who wants to build the fine motor muscles in their little ones.  This kit is a perfect combination of activities that are ready to go without needing to purchase multiples of items.


Use the baseboard and cubes as a 100 board! Roll a dice and add that number of cubes to the board. Use the blocks and board to show 1-10 Create your own mosaic designs by pressing the cubes into the baseboard. Can you make a car? A horse? Sort the cubes by color Learn about size differentiation by making taller rods. Use the board and cubes as a bar graph.

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