Pack of 3 Different 2.5" Stress Balls - Color Change, Metallic, & Doh, Soft - Squishy Gooey Shape-able Squish Sensory Squeeze Balls

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 15.00 


This is a set of 3 different styles of 2.5" stress balls filled with a different filling.

 These 1.75"-2" stress balls are so fun and unique.  Fun sensory squeezy, squishy stress ball is perfect for the office or classroom.  

  • 1 Color Change Ball - This soothing sensory ball is so cool it is like magic.  The ball is filled with a thick shaving cream like doh material that is a different color from its flexible skin.  When you squeeze the ball the interior color shows through making it change colors!  It is beautiful to watch as the colors blend together to make a two-tone ball.  3 color options - Pink to Purple / Yellow to Orange / Blue to Pink. (Random Color)
  • 1 Metallic Glitter Ball - It is filled with a thick gel and a bunch of glitter inside its clear flexible skin.  This one is almost a slow rising ball because it is so thick.  When you squeeze the ball the glittery insides squish and move around.  It is very soothing to view the mesmerizing glitter.   2.5", and comes in 6 colors.  
  • Doh Ball  It is beyond amazing and has a super soft dough feel.  You can poke and pinch it and it will retain its shape. You can pull and indent it multiple ways.  I like it because you can turn it and pinch it just like you did in elementary school when you made pinch pots with clay.  You need to feel it to really know how nice these are.

These balls have a slightly sticky feel out of the package.  This goes away with use, and the tackiness will come back if you wash them.

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