LAST CHANCE - LIMITED STOCK - Grow a Stress Ball Animal - Soak in Water to Expand - Glob Balls - Squishy Gooey Squish Sensory Squeeze Balls

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 6.00 $ 8.00


This is one of the most unique stress balls I have ever seen.  The ball, which is plain or shaped like an animal, comes to you flat and filled with water absorbing material.  You need to soak the ball in water for about 10 minutes, and it expands into a large, soft and squishy stress ball.  The cool part is that it stays large and squishy once filled, so you don't have to resoak it.  The ball has a super soft and flexible skin.  You need to feel it to really know how nice these are.  Fun sensory squeezy, squishy stress ball is perfect for the office or classroom.  

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