Plush 4" Soccer Ball Style Kick Balls

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 2.00 


These soccer balls are large 4" plush balls.  Indoor Safe!

Remember playing foot bag as a kid?  Kicking the little weighted ball and doing tricks and trying to keep it from hitting the ground for as long as possible?  Now your kids can play that fun playground game and work on their dexterity.  This is a great indoor or outdoor gross motor toy!  Shaped to look like a soccer ball!  4".  

The most common game of footbag consists of two or more players standing in a circle and trying to keep the sack off the ground for as long as possible.  If every player gets a touch to the sack before it hits the ground, it is called a 'hack'. If every player gets two touches before the sack hits the ground, it is called a 'double-hack' and so on and so forth. Cute soccer ball party favor gift, prize box reward or perfect for Easter baskets or stocking stuffers.

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