Parachute Paratrooper Guy - No Tangle - Throwing Toy for Kids - Outdoors

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 2.50 


This is a classic paratrooper throwing toy.  Simply toss it in the air and watch the parachute open up to bring the paratrooper slowly to the ground.  This is a fun indoor or outdoor toy that requires no batteries! This is the perfect toy to get kids moving.

High-quality design using strong nylon & plastic.  Meets all US safety standards.

Open parachute measures 18" wide, and paratrooper is 3.5" tall. It is 24" from top of chute to the toes of the man.

This parachute has a no-tangle design.   I'm sure we can all recall a time when we were kids (or obtaining an inferior novelty paratrooper) having to constantly de-tangle them after every throw.   This toy is tangle free by using a single string attached to the man, which then attaches to netting on the underside of the parachute!

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