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This educational toy focuses on number place values.  It is a great assessment tool after you learn about number subitizing and how to think of numbers in groups such as using rekenreks or unit cubes and ten rods.  

By thinking of numbers in groups, students strengthen counting proficiency, develop addition and subtraction strategies, and gain a better understanding of number relationships. 

  1. Each cube is defined as a "unit" or a "one"
  2. A ten rod is made up of 10 cubes.  Put ten unit cubes side by side and place a ten rod next to it. Observe that they're the same length. Define the rod as a "ten."
  3. Put 10 ten rods side by side.  This makes a square with 100 unit cubes. Show that a hundred flat is the same size, the same quantity. Define the flat as a "hundred."
  4. Stack ten hundred flats together. Show that a thousand cube is the same size, the same quantity. Define the large block as a "thousand." 

How to Play:

Simply match the 3 pieces to complete the 30 puzzles.  Students look at the number on the largest top puzzle piece.  They then find the matching 2 pieces.  One will show the math equation (such as 60+5) and the other will show the visual with hundreds, ten rods and unit cubes (such as 6 ten rods and 5 unit cubes to make up 65)


- 30 thick cardboard puzzles (90 pieces total)  Complete puzzles are 5" x 4"

- Storage box is 5.75" x 4.75" x 3.5"


 Perfect addition to any 2-3 classroom.

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