Metal Colored Magic Spring Coil Toy - Sensory Fidget Toy - Relaxing & Mesmerizing - Stair Walking Fun Classic Toy

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 3.00 


These colorful metal magic spring toy is a classic fun toy.  It is a good size for holding and letting it drop to the floor, and fidget in your hands.  The spring coil is 2" tall and 2.4" wide.  These are just a fun and calming fidget.  Hold one end of the coil in each hand and slowly move each hand up and down and watch the coil form a rainbow that moves back and forth.  This is also a perfect toy for calming and self regulation.  It makes a mesmerizing sound as it falls back and forth.  Keep hands busy!  Sorry, these are not big enough to go down the stairs.

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