Nee-Doh Magma Volcano - Soft Gel Filled Stress Ball with Mesh Web That Lights Up - Ultra Squishy Light Up Relaxing Sensory Fidget Stress Toy

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$ 6.00 


This soothing sensory ball is so cool it is like magic, it looks like an active volcano with lava.  The ball is filled with a loose gel like material that is a different color from its flexible skin.  The skin has a soft mesh webbing that looks like cracks in a rock.  when you squeeze the ball the interior blob pops through the mesh and expose a new color. 

This ball has LED lights inside.  Give it a gentle tap and watch as the inside lights up and changes colors making it look like flowing lava.

  • Hypoallergenic and completely safe and non-toxic, it contains no BPA, phthalates or latex; cleans easily with soap and water
  • A great fidget toy; appropriate for those with ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism and anxiety; helps promote focus, attention and centering, a great gift for ages 3+

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