LAST CHANCE - LIMITED STOCK - SALE -Learning Seek and Find Dry Erase & Wipe Off - Activity Pages - Set of 6 - Uppercase/Lowercase/Numbers 1-20/Colors/Shapes

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This set of laminated dry erase activity pages are perfect for early learners.  Pre-writing activities lead to writing readiness by building the underlying skills that are needed for writing. The key to good handwriting is practice, practice, practice and building those muscles before they begin writing. This bundle contains 6 activity pages that are based on each letter of the alphabet, both lowercase and uppercase, the numbers 1-20, colors, and shapes.  

Each page works on seeking and finding objects on the page.  Each page is filled with multiple copies of each letter/number/color/shape, and you need to find each one, circle it, and get the total count.   Erase it and use it again and again.  Fun for travel too!

  • Letters - Double-sided.  One side has lowercase, the other side has uppercase letters.
  • Numbers - One side has 0-10, the other side has 0-20.
  • Colors - 10 Colors
  • Shapes - 8 Shapes

***The set of 6 activities is 4 pages, 2 are double-side***

Before a child is able to write they must master a few basic skills first. Things like hand strength, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and bilateral coordination must first be developed before children have the coordination and strength to hold (and use) a pencil to master writing.

Pages are 8" x 11"

Marker and Eraser sold separately.  Eraser is 2.5" x 1.75".  Marker is 5.5" long.

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