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Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 1.00 $ 2.00


These activities are tiny and fit perfectly in the smallest of purses or bags.  Keep them with you for an emergency activity to keep kids entertained.

  • Mini (teeny tiny) stacking cubes. 10 TINY adorable plastic cubes to stack on the go. These are puzzle cubes with holes and little metal balls for added fun.
  • TINY pipe cleaner drop.  Push the small pipe cleaners into the tiny (1" tall) container with holes in the lid.
  • Lacing with mini star beads.
  • Animal domino set - play dominoes or simply make a chain by matching animals!
  • Bag of links - Small bag of 1.75" Links.
  • Rollers and Pipe Cleaners. 5 2.5" long rollers with holes an pipe cleaners
  • Numbers and paper clips - Laminated number cards and paperclips.  Counting Axtivity.

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