Large Heart Shaped Popper Toy - Valentine's Day Cards for Kids - Cute Valentine for Classroom Exchange

Curious Minds

$ 6.00 


This is a fun twist on regular Valentine's day cards.  Kids can pass out these fun heart shaped popper toys during their classroom exchange. These little hearts are simple but a lot of fun.   Kids push the dome inside out and either place it on a flat surface or drop it to the floor.  The toy will pop back to its original heart dome shape causing it to pop up high into the air.  This is a fun classic retro toy that never gets old.  Pushing the toy inside out is great for hand strengthening, and it is also a fun game to try and catch it after it pops.  Each large heart is 2" x 1.75" wide x 1" tall!

  • These are unique and fun, cuter than a regular card but doesn't have the sugar like all the candy cards!


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