Kanoodle® Gravity - Logical Thinking Puzzle Game

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 17.99 

The brain-bending fun really stacks up with this vertical take on traditional Kanoodle!

Psst...They're Learning!
  • Develops strategic thinking skills
  • Encourages problem solving
  • Includes Kanoodle Gravity puzzle board, 10 colorful puzzle pieces, guide with puzzle challenges, and carrying case
  • Includes 40 puzzle challenges!
  • Perfect for solo play or a two-player challenge


Solo Play: Set up the puzzles according to the game layouts starting on page
3. There are 40 vertical solo puzzles to try and solve. As the number of pieces given to start each puzzle decreases, the difficulty level will increase. To complete all solo puzzles, use all 10 pieces.

Two Player: Challenge a friend to play! Players take turns placing pieces into the vertical puzzle board. The last player not able to fit an entire piece inside the vertical game board loses that round. First player to win five rounds wins the game!

1. Challenge a friend, then empty all pieces onto the tray from the vertical game board. 2. Pick a player to go first, then alternate who starts each game after that.
3. Player one picks any piece from the tray and places it anywhere in the vertical game

board. Player two then does the same.
4. Players continue to take turns until one of the players can’t fit their entire piece

inside the vertical game board. If you can’t fit your entire piece, you lose that round. The first player to win five rounds wins the game!

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