Heavy Infinity Cube - Magic Endless Folding Fidget Toy - Flip Over and Over - Bend and Fold Crazy Shapes Puzzle - ADD Anxiety

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 3.50 


This little fidget is difficult to put down.  It is simply 8 cubes that are linked together so that it bends and folds in your hands.  Each fidget has 8 plastic cubes that are attached together.  Each section is meant to be able to pivot and fold in different positions so you can manipulate them in many different positions.  Basically it is a never ending folding toy.  You can open and fold it over and over again.  Each cube is .75" making it 1.5" when it is folded into a square.

These are tactile fidget toys that appeal to both children and adults.  They are a great tool to use in the office or classroom for those who can't sit still, or have ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress and anxiety.

These fidget toys reduce stress, anxiety and can increase focus and attention when used while learning.  They help keep the brain focused while the fingers are fidgeting.

Fidgets are a self-regulation tool used with children who have a difficult time sitting still or focusing. Fidgets help promote focus and concentration, and keep the body (fingers) busy so they can still sit and focus!  Fidget toys are also great for strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor and finger dexterity.

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