Halloween 144 Piece Small Toy Set - Sticky Bats, Witches Potion Slime, and Spring Coils - Trick or Treat (12 Dozen)

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 39.00 


Halloween 144 piece small novelty toy set.  Includes 48 sticky stretchy bats, 48 Witches brew putty, and 48 spring coil pumpkin toys.

48 Sticky Stretchy Bats -  The colorful bats are made of a soft and stretchy material, almost like gummy mochi toys.  The bats are slightly sticky, and come in 4 colors.  Bats are 2" wide and .75" tall, and are individually wrapped in clear plastic. (4 Dozen).

48 Pumpkin Spring Coils - These little pumpkins are fun miniature magic spring coil toys.  They can be pulled and stretched.  1.5", and come in 3 colors. (4 Dozen).

48 Witches Potion Putty - These tiny slime containers hold a small amount of spooky putty marked as "Witch's Potion."  The jars are 1.25" x 1.25".  Comes in 3 colors.  (4 Dozen).

These small novelty toys are an inexpensive way to give something other than candy for a Halloween holiday party or trick or treating.  Small toy assortment is perfect for a fall birthday or Halloween party favor goodie bags or carnival prizes.

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