Fun "Stuck on You" Valentine Heart Sticky Hand Toy - Unique Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Curious Minds

$ 0.75 


These fun Valentine's theme "sticky hands" are a fun twist on regular Valentine's day exchange cards.  Kids can pass out these adorable hearts with "Stuck on You"  (ha ha!  Get it? lol) written on it during their classroom exchange. Your child can either tape them to a Valentine Card, or sign their name on the plastic wrapper, or just hand them out to their friends, because it say's it all.

  • Each heart is individually wrapped and ready to pass out or put in goodie bags.
  • 8.5" long
  • "Stuck on You"  written on it . (ha ha!  Get it? lol)

These are unique and fun, cuter than a regular card but doesn't have the sugar like all the candy cards!

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