Domino Kinetic Box Set - 118 Piece Set with Stunt Accessories - Bulk Dominoes - Made in the USA - STEM STEAM

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 24.99 


This kit is loaded with fun! Quickly set up cool domino chain reactions and runs with the Speed Template and Rapid Tracks. Create tricks and stunts with Spinners, Arcs, Staircase Bridge, and tracks, and amaze your eyes in a display of Brilliant colored dominoes. Kinetic dominoes are Pro-Scale which makes them easy to build with, and they are balanced for precision building and toppling.

Dominoes are incredibly satisfying to watch as they topple in a mesmerizing display of motion and sound. Kinetic Dominoes are fun individually, with friends, or with the entire family!

Kit includes:

  • 100 Kinetic Dominoes (pro-scale)
  • 12 Domino Arcs
  • 1 Staircase bridges ( 2pcs )
  • 2 straight tracks ( 5" )
  • 1 Spinners
  • 1 Speed Template

Building and designing with dominoes are great for STEM and STEAM - Science, technology, engineering, Arts, and mathematics. Stacking dominoes also uses hand eye coordination and there is a great level of accomplishment and satisfaction when they all fall down.

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