Cute Plush Animal Magnets - Locker Critters - Fridge Magnet - Cute - Magnets in Hands and Feet Fun Decoration

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 3.00 

These animals are adorable magnets.  They are small plush animals that have magnets sewn into their hands and feet.  The animals are made from soft fabric, and they are not filled with stuffing causing them to bend in different positions.
  • The animal are 3" tall and 3.5" wide when their arms and legs are spread.  You can position these little buddies in multiple positions on any magnetic metal surface including a refrigerator, locker, cabinets, magnetic dry erase board, or a cookie sheet while traveling in the car or plane.  They are adorable decorations or can be used as functional magnets to hold memo notes or pictures.
  • It is fun to position the animals in fun poses, you can have them hang on with one hand, hang upside-down, or wrap around a finger by clicking the hands and legs together.
  • These animals are small so they make perfect party favors, prizes for birthdays or carnivals, classroom rewards, and they even fit in Easter eggs.
Pets -  Cat, Dog, Bear, Frog
Safai - Elephant, Monkey, Lion, Leopard
Farm #1 - Fox, Duck, Cow, Donkey
Farm #2 - Fox, Duck, Donkey, Dalmation

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