Cute Monkey Animal 3D Adorable Erasers - Eraser Pencil Toppers - Desk Pet - Novelty and Functional Adorable Eraser Novelty Treasure Prize, School Classroom Supply, - Party Favor

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 8.00 

These erasers are so cute.  They are 3D erasers that are also pencil toppers that can be placed on the end of any pencil.  The erasers are large and look like a monkey and their tail wraps around the pencil.  These make great desk pets for teachers!  Each eraser is individually wrapped and are 1.25" tall x 1.75" wide.
 Ways to use these in early math:
    • Math manipulatives, or counters, are any small objects that kids can count or move around to help them work out simple math problems. 
    • Hands on way to learn math such as counting, adding, subtracting, making patterns and comparing numbers.
    • For example, you could take the addition problem 3+2=?  Have the students make a group of 3 pink and 2 white.  Then push them together and count your total.
    • They are also great for showing the relationships among numbers. If you had a row of 10 counters and a row of 5 counters you can easily see that 10 is bigger than 5.
    • You can use these as a hands on way to teach basic story problems.  For example, if Susie had 7 less erasers than Chad, who had 10, how many did Susie have?
    • Patterning.  Use the counters to make simple patterns such as AB, ABC, ABBC etc.  

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