Cute Donut Animal 3D Adorable Erasers - Take Apart Puzzle Eraser Pencil Toppers - Novelty and Functional Adorable Eraser Novelty Treasure Prize, School Classroom Supply, Math Counters - Sorting - Party Favor

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 15.00 

These erasers are so cute.  They are 3D erasers that are also pencil toppers that can be placed on the end of any pencil.  The erasers come in a bunch of random assorted animals, and are unique because they have a couple pieces making them the popular take apart puzzle erasers.  These make great desk pets for teachers!  
 Ways to use these in early math:
    • Math manipulatives, or counters, are any small objects that kids can count or move around to help them work out simple math problems. 
    • Hands on way to learn math such as counting, adding, subtracting, making patterns and comparing numbers.
    • For example, you could take the addition problem 3+2=?  Have the students make a group of 3 pink and 2 white.  Then push them together and count your total.
    • They are also great for showing the relationships among numbers. If you had a row of 10 counters and a row of 5 counters you can easily see that 10 is bigger than 5.
    • You can use these as a hands on way to teach basic story problems.  For example, if Susie had 7 less erasers than Chad, who had 10, how many did Susie have?
    • Patterning.  Use the counters to make simple patterns such as AB, ABC, ABBC etc.  

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