NEW - Bunny Ice Cream Cone - Soft Creamy Doh Filled Squeeze Stress Balls - Sensory, Stress, Fidget Toy Super Soft

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$ 8.00 


These adorable bunnies atop an ice cream cone are soothing sensory balls.  They are filled with a thick creamy white doh that resembles frosting.  These have a very soft and squishy feel, it is very easy to squish.  4.5" tall by 3" wide. They come in 4 soft colors including pink, purple, white, and teal.

The super soft dough stress ball is a tactile and comforting stress-relief tool designed to provide a soothing sensory experience. This stress ball is crafted from an ultra-soft and pliable material that mimics the feel of dough, creating a pleasant and squishy texture.

The outer layer of the stress ball is made from a high-quality, white-colored fabric or silicone material that is exceptionally soft to the touch. Its surface is smooth, and exceptionally soft to the touch, allowing users to gently knead and squeeze the stress ball without any resistance. 

It is densely packed with a soft and malleable filling that enhances the squishy and pliable nature of the stress ball. This design allows for a more uniform and consistent feel, providing a satisfying tactile experience for users seeking stress relief.

The stress ball is lightweight and easy to manipulate, making it suitable for squeezing, stretching, or rolling between the palms of the hands.

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