BLIND BAGS - Mystery Surprise Bags with Assorted Fidgets and Toys - Birthday Gift - Popular Kids Gift

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 5.00 


My storefront loves my blind bags so I am offering them online as well.  Each mystery bag is full of random toys and fidgets from my store.  You could get anything, it's a surprise!  It is just a great mix of squishy balls, fidgets, slow rise squishies, bubble poppers, and the higher priced bags could have Nee dohs, Tangles, larger poppers etc.

Each bag has a total worth inside that is more that the face value you pay.  Some bags have more items that are less expensive, some have more expensive items and just a couple other things, but they all total more than you pay.  Let's just say the kids love them and come back for more.

I have them categorized into 3 "themes":  Neutral, boy, and girl.  I know there are no gender specific toys, however some kids really like unicorns and/or dinosaurs etc while others do not.

  • "Boy" Bags - They are heavier in dinosaur/bug type items.  I try to keep the pinks/purples out of these bags.
  • "Girl" Bags - They are heavy in unicorn/girly type items.  Colors are also heavy in pinks/purples but could have any color.
  • "Neutral" Bags - These are for anyone.  It has a mix of colors and items.  I usually don't put unicorns/dinos in these bags but you could potentially get something small (I usually save those for the other bags).  These bags could really be anything.

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