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Momma and baby birds help young learners practice counting, sorting and colors in an interactive and engaging way. The bowls stack, and the momma birds can be used as finger puppets. Little learners will love matching birds and nests by color. This deluxe set comes with over 30 fun pieces! Nests measure 4'L x 1'H; birds measure 1'H (baby) and 1 3/4 'H (momma). 

Educational Benefits
  • Learning Style:Visual, Tactile
  • Skill Development: Counting, Matching, Sorting, Patterning, Addition, Subtraction, Imagination, Language development, Fine motor skills, Eye-hand coordination, Size comparison, Color identification
  • 24 Baby birds in 6 colors, 6 Momma birds, 6 Color nests, activity guide


Fly Away Home

Lay out all six nests. Show that each nest color includes matching mama and baby birds. Have the child say each color name. Then, have the child put the red mama bird in its matching nest and “fly” all four red baby birds back home. Continue sorting all birds by color. Afterward, play a memory game by asking review questions: “Which nest did you fill first? Which did you fill last?”

Odd Bird Out

Place all the birds on the table. Pick out three birds that are alike (size or color) and one that is different. Set all four birds in a row. Have the child find the odd bird and tell you what makes it different.

Bird Families

Build several families of birds. The large birds represent adults and the small birds represent children. Describe the birds using terms such as large, small, big, little, bigger, taller, larger, and smaller. Compare families. Which family has the least birds? Which family has the most birds?

Who Flew Home?

Line up three birds of different colors. Have the child look away as you remove one bird. Can the child identify which bird is missing? Try this memory activity with different amounts and sizes of birds.

What Comes Next?

Make a two-bird pattern and say it aloud: mama, baby, mama, baby, mama, baby. Ask the child to extend the pattern by placing the next bird in the sequence. Next, pattern with two colors: red, yellow, red, yellow, red, ___. Ask, “What comes next?” Let the child complete the pattern. For a challenge, try three-color patterns.

Counting Colors

Throw all the birds into a pile. Say a number (4) and a color (blue). Ask the child to find four blue birds in the pile and count them out. Repeat using different numbers and colors.

Bird Math Problems

Place any two birds in a nest, and fly in two more. How many birds are in the nest? Use different amounts of birds for addition. Then, try subtraction problems. Place three birds in a nest and count the total. Then, have one bird fly away. How many are left? Repeat using different amounts.

** Age 3+
** Grade PreK+

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