5 Piece Tool Set - Fine Motor Fun Set - Grab, Scoop, Tweeze and Water Dropping

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 16.00 


This listing is for a lot of 5 tongs and tweezers for children. This assortment is perfect for building fine motor skills. Use with other activities or sensory bins.

1. Gator Tweezers - Perfect for grabbing objects like pom poms. Develops pincer grasp for writing readiness.
2. Water Dropper - Watch the water wind and curve on its way up the dropper and squirt out. Fun for baths and water tables. Strengthens muscles in the hands and fingers.
3. Scooper - Scoop up poms, ping pong balls, marbles or anything small. These are a lot of fun in sensory tables to scoop up and transport rice or beans. Works on pre-scissor skill development.
4. Cup Tweezers - Squeeze the handle to open the jaws to pick up beads, beans or other small objects. Builds hand-eye coordination.
5. Plastic tweezers with a finer tip for more precise tweezing.


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