2" Metallic Glitter with Thick Gel Stress Ball - Squishy Gooey Sensory Squeeze Balls

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 8.00 


These little 2" stress balls are so fun and unique.  The balls have a soft flexible clear skin and are filled with a thick gel-like filling that contains metallic glitter.  The gel inside is super thick which causes the ball to slowly go back to its shape after being squeezed. Balls are individually wrapped and come in 4 fun colors.  These balls have a sticky tacky surface that fades with use. Fun sensory squeezy, squishy stress ball is perfect for the office or classroom.

Introducing our dazzling Glitter Gel Squishy Ball – the ultimate sensory companion that will sprinkle your day with shimmer and delight! This petite, but plump gel-filled ball delivers a sensational tactile sensation, offering both tranquility and amusement right in the palm of your hand. Engineered with superior, long-lasting materials, this squishy ball is built to endure endless squeezes and squishes. Its compact size allows for easy transportation in your pocket or purse, guaranteeing access to a dash of sparkling indulgence at any given time. The enchanting iridescence of glitter swirling within the see-through gel adds a mesmerizing visual dimension, elevating mundane moments into remarkable ones. Whether in need of relaxation, a quick break, or an enchanting escape, our Glitter Gel Squishy Ball has got you covered.

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