Axolotl Lover Bundle of 5 Fidgets - Plush Squeeze PBJ Stress Ball / Articulated Wiggle / Mochi / Slow Rise Squish / Sand Filled - Sensory, Stress, Fidget Toy

This is a set of 5 awesome fidgets for anyone who loves axolotls!  It includes 1 slow rise squishy, 1 articulated wiggle, 1 plush jelly bead ball, 1 mochi, and 1 stretchy sand filled axolotl.  All are RANDOM COLOR selections.

1 RANDOM COLOR Plush Stress Ball - These axolotl stress balls are so adorable, and are unique because the outside layer of the ball is soft plush fabric material. They are a pliable squishy soothing sensory ball filled with a bunch of thick colorful water bead gel balls inside its elastic flexible skin.  The colorful animal skin is so soft.  When you squeeze the animals, the jelly beads push out and around making the ball bulge and it makes it look like it is blowing a bubble.  3" ball, They come in 2 color styles. (1 RANDOM COLOR)

1 RANDOM COLOR Wiggle Fidget - The walking fish is quite large measuring in at 7" long and 2" wide.  The critter is made up of several hard plastic bowls that are connected.  This gives the animal a jointed and robotic movement.  You can twist and spin the axolotl in your hand.  The hard plastic makes a nice sooting sound as the colored cups rub together and move.  It is quite mesmerizing to feel.  Great sensory toy.

1 RANDOM COLOR Slow Rise Squishy - These adorable axolotl themed toys are made from the cool memory foam slow rise squishy material.  They are super soft and squishes easily then slowly comes back to its shape.  Each squishy is individually wrapped. Assortment of 10 different axolotls. They are 3.25" x 2.5" x 2".

1 RANDOM COLOR Sand Filled Stretchy Axolotl - The animals are filled with a fine granular almost sand-like filling surrounded by a soft and stretchy silicone shell. The critter is super soft and slightly weighted and has a sand filling inside that add to the sensory experience.  The little balls make a quiet crunch like sound when they are squeezed. This makes the walking fish irresistible since you can squeeze, poke, pull, stretch and bend it!  Smash it flat and bring it back to its original shape. Each critter can be squeezed and stretched! This soft pet is 5" long x 2" tall and 1.5" thick when unstretched.

1 RANDOM COLOR Mochi - These adorable jiggly critters are Mochi squishy axolotl animals.  They have a unique, almost gummy feel.  The critters are soft yet almost sticky and make a nice small finger fidget.  They are tacky enough to place on a desk to discretely poke with fingers and would make nice finger warm up tools. These little guys do pick up lint because of the tacky surface.  You can wash then coat with some cornstarch to bring them back. Each animal is individually wrapped in a plastic box making them ideal for party favors or prize boxes.  Boxes are 2.25" x 1.5" x 1.5".  Ages 3+.  Each animal is approximately 1.5" -2".  


Fidgets are made for…… fidgeters. Those who have nervous compulsions or tics that make you want to click pens, twist hair, pick or bite nails, tap your fingers, or play with change in your pocket. Fidgets are great for Focus. Fidgets allow students or employees to focus and concentrate on the teacher, customer or the presenter in a meeting at the office. Fidgets allow you to keep your hands busy so you can concentrate on the task. Fidgets are great for calming anxiety. Those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, Autism or those who are simply nervous can benefit from the calming and repetitive movements of a fidget toy. They help soothe powerful emotions such as anger and frustration. Perfect for Kinesthetic learners – These are the people who need to move. They appear hyper as they wiggle, tap, and can't seem to sit still. Smokers – Fidgets are a powerful tool to assist in breaking the habit. They keep your hands busy! This activity is perfect for parents, occupational and physical therapists, early childhood educators, day care providers and anyone who wants to build the fine motor muscles in their little ones.

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