Jumbo Sweetish Fish Gummy Toy - Large Squishy Sensory Gooey Fidget Toy - Realistic - Looks Like the Candy - But Not Edible

Jumbo-sized giant sweetish fish shaped squishy sensory toy.  These gummie fish look just like the candy and are a huge 7.5" long and x 2.5" wide.  Each fish can be squeezed, squished, poked, and stretched!  The fish is made of a jelly-like material with a thick red gel inside that is ultra squishy and stretchy, and slightly sticky.... almost mimicking the candy treat!  For ages 5+.  The fish can be washed with soap and water to clean.  NOT A FOOD, DO NOT EAT! 

Fidgets are a self-regulation tool used with children who have a difficult time sitting still or focusing. Fidgets help promote focus and concentration, and keep the body (fingers) busy so they can still sit and focus!  Fidget toys are also great for strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor and finger dexterity.

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