Dinosaur Dig #1 Excavation Sensory Bin Toy - Dino skeleton, fossil Game

Any dinosaur fan will love this dinosaur theme sensory bin set. The kit includes an assortment of dinosaur figures including replicas, dino skeleton bones, fossils, dino eggs with babies and a brush to help with the excavation. Pair this set with a bowl of rice or sand (not included) or a sandbox for a perfect dinosaur party game.

What is included:
6 miniature dinosaur replicas (2" - 3")
3 dinosaur skeleton replicas. (Size: From 4-3/4" tall up to 6 Inch long)
2 dinosaur eggs with babies
6 dinosaur skulls
1 Paintbrush

Besides being a matching game for little boys and girls who love dinosaurs, you can use the figurines for more activities at home.
1. Bury these figurines in sand or a bucket of rice and have your little paleontologist dig them out. Perfect for a dino dig party!
2. Press the figurines and bones into play doh to make an impression fossil.
3. Simply use them for pretend play.

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