LAST CHANCE - LIMITED STOCK - CLEARANCE - SALE - Number and Operator Educational Sand Molds for Kids

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Turn sand play into learning with these number and math operator sand molds.  Children can make numbers out of wet sand instead of sand castles!  Pair with the mathematical operators to make learning addition and subtraction hands on and fun!

These sand molds are perfect for any toddler or preschooler.  Play at the beach, in the sandbox or in a classroom sand table.  These are lots of fun with wet and moving sand that is packable!


  • 10 Number molds (zero to nine) and the operator bundle includes +, -, /, x, =,?
  • Molds are 3" High

Other Uses for these sand molds:

  • These molds can also be used in sensory tables as scoops or containers to dump rice into.
  • Children can fill the number cups with the corresponding number of objects.  For example, pair with poms (not included).  Kids could place 5 poms in the 5 molds.  
  • Use with play doh to create numbers.  Press the correct number of items into the doh numbers (you could use toothpicks, marbles ect)  For example, the doh number 3 would have 3 toothpicks poked in it.


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