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These metal toys are weighted metal which causes them to flip over and over again after you give them a little tap.  How to play: Stand the stick up then give it a gentle push, the stick will tumble down and up again on the other side and keep going until they run out of momentum.  If you are really good and push them at just the right strength, they will land standing upright!  1 RANDOM SHAPE.

You can create many different stunts.  Roll it, then stop it with your palm and roll back.  Keep repeating back and forth.  Flick, stop, flick stop, flick stop.

You can even use it as a fast spinner.  Lay it flat on a table and spin it! 

These are tons of fun to fidget with by yourself, or with a group of friends.  We like to flip them back and forth with each other at a table.  Add them to classroom supplies and favor bags, kids are sure to love them!  Plastic. 3 1/2" Recommended for ages 7 years old and up.

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