Puffer Chick and Doh Carrot - Small Air Filled Novelty Toy - Party Favors - Easter Gift

This is a set that includes 2 adorable Easter - Spring themed fidget toys.  You get one puffer bunny, and one soft doh carrot stress ball.   They make perfect additions to any Easter basket or party goody bag.  You could also fit these in medium-sized Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt!  

Puffer Bunny - 4" x 2.25".  These adorable animals are air-filled puffer balls.  The critters have soft rubber spikes and a super-squeezable texture. When you squeeze these puffer balls, an air bubble emerges from the interior. 

Doh Carrot - 3.25" x 1.75". - This carrot stress ball is filled with the ultra soft and squishy creamy white doh filling.  This filling is almost like a mix of shaving cream and frosting so it is super soft and easy to squish. 

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