Large Super Hero Popper Guy - Pop Up Toy - Jumping Popper Spring Launcher Toys - Cute Bouncy Party Favors

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 1.50 


This little superhero guy is simple but a lot of fun.  He is 3.5" tall, (with a 1.75" foam ball head) and when you press on his head, the springy body compresses.  When you release he pops high into the air.  Do not underestimate the fun of these launchers.  They fly high, up to ceiling fans!  Kids and adults alike love to play with them.  (oh, and your cat will LOVE them).

This also makes a fun little fidget toy.  Simply spring him up and down without releasing to keep your hands occupied.

These are a ton of fun.  Shoot them up and catch them on the way down.  Perfect for hand eye coordination and spacial reasoning.  Make these superheroes fly!

They are soft foam and a springy mesh making them soft, safe, and damage free.

These are a perfect party favor for any super hero loving child.  They also make popular goody bag fillers or prizes.


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