Magnetic Rattlesnake Egg Buzz Noise-Making Toy - Singing Clanking Strong Magnet Noisemaker - Novelty Toy - Science Party Favors

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$ 2.00 


Rattlesnake eggs are a fun and educational toy.  They are a pair of strong magnetic eggs that when tossed together make a loud rattling sound.  You can throw them in the air, or push them together and the strong magnetic pull will make the eggs clank together and sing.  

Available in 2 sizes

  • Smaller - each oval magnet is 1.75" x .5".
  • Larger - each oval magnet is 2.50" x .5".

Fun ways to play:

  1. Throw them up in the air and make them make contact in the air, then catch them.
  2. Place one magnet on the top of a thin table.  Place the other underneath and make the top magnet move.  Magic.
  3. Place 1 egg on each side of your hand and they will stick together.  Fun magic Trick.
  4. Place one egg on the table, and slowly move the other one closer until the magnetic force grabs and pulls the other magnet and clattered together.
  5. Place a magnet 3 feet away on the table or floor.  Try rolling the other magnet towards the target and try to get them to stick together.  Any hit is a point.

These eggs are also a great fidget.  Pulling the magnets apart and snapping them back together is not only soothing, but it really works on hand and finger strength to pull the magnets apart.

These are a inexpensive party favor for goodie bags, or prizes for classroom, carnivals, or offices.

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