Cute Micro Slow Rise Squishy Toys - Mini Tiny Animals and Foods - Memory Foam Party Favors, Prizes, OT

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 26.00 


These adorable animal and food themed toys are made from the cool memory foam slow rise squishy material.  They are super soft and squishes easily then slowly comes back to its shape.  The squishy toys make perfect party favors or prizes  Since it is a squeezy toy it makes a fun stress ball and helps build hand strength!  

  • Each squishy is individually wrapped.
  • These are adorable micro mini sized.  They are 2" tall x 1.5" and so cute!
  • This set of micro squishies has 20 different styles, that come in 5 colors each.
  • Styles includes Panda, frappuccino, hamburger, octopus, alien, corgi dog, rainbow, alien, unicorn, pineapple, cat, sloth, octopus, frog, pegasus, turtle, fish, store, fries, ice cream cone, watermelon, and donut.
  • The 12, 24, and 50 pack is a random assortment.  You may get duplicates, and you might not get every style.  
  • The 20 pack will have one of each style with no duplicates, but each style will be a random color and not exactly as shown.

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