192 Candy Cane Theme Mix - Cute Christmas Magic Springs, Pencils, Erasers -- Fun Party Favor Toy - Christmas Winter (16 Dozen)

This set of 192 candy cane Christmas set includes 24 candy cane striped magic mini springs, 24 candy cane striped pencils, and 144 candy mini erasers. These toys are perfect party favors for holiday parties or classroom prizes.  

  • 24 Pencils (2 Dozen) -  These wooden pencils are perfect for any Christmas holiday party.    Pencils are unsharpened and measure 7.5" long.
  • 144 Candy Shaped Erasers (1 2 Dozen) 4 Different styles - 2 colors.  .75" x .25"
  • 24 Magic Springs ( 2 Dozen) These little plastic spring coils are a classic fun toy.  The mini springs have red and white candy cane stripes theme making them perfect prizes and handouts for any Christmas holiday or winter party.  Each coil spring is 1.5" tall and 1.5" wide.  They make perfect finger fidgets or fun toys to twist, bend, turn, and play.

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