288 Piece Halloween Party Favor Set - Trick or Treat Spring Coils, Poppers, Glow Fingers, Pill Mazes, Bubbles , Small Novelty Toy Prize Assortment Gifts (24 Dozen)

This Halloween small novelty toy bundle includes 288 spooky Halloween-themed toys.   Great addition to any Halloween or Fall/Harvest party.

  • 72 Pumpkin Poppers - They are a tiny 1" dome that features a spooky jack o lantern Halloween theme.  These poppers are meant to be pushed and folded inside out, then set down.  The toy will go back to its original dome position and pop up in the air.
  • 48 Spring Coils - Pumpkin themed miniature magic spring coil toys.  They can be pulled and stretched.  1.5", and come in 3 colors.
  • 72 Glow Fingers- Witches finger puppets that glow in the dark.  2.5" long.
  • 72 Pill Maze - Each shaped maze are 1.5"-2" shape that has a built-in puzzle inside.  The toy is topped with a clear cover with a colored maze structure with small ball bearings on the inside that can be moved through the maze by tipping and tilting it!   Halloween themed shapes include pumpkin, bat, cat, and ghost.
  • 24 Bubbles - Each mini bubble bottle has a popular spooky character including a jack o lantern, Frankenstein, Vampire, and Mummy. Each small bottle has a mini bubble-blowing wand that can be detached to blow bubbles.  Mini containers are 2.75" x 1.25".  Ages 5+.

They are a fun novelty toy that is perfect for a prize or treasure bins, classroom rewards, carnival prizes, or party favor bags for birthday or Halloween parties.  A non-candy alternative for trick-or-treating.  Great for classroom parties as well!

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