NEW - Capybara Fidget Set of 3 - Slow Rise Squishy Toy - Water Wiggler - Doh Ball

This set is perfect for any capybara lover.  It contains 3 different capybara themed fidget toys.  You get 1 slow rise squishy capybara (Random Color), 1 plush reversible water wiggler capybara, and 1 soft doh filled capybara squish ball (Random Color).

Capybara Doh Ball - These are chunky capybara rodent shaped stress balls.  These creatures are not only calming, but it also helps build hand and finger muscles and bilateral coordination.  The cute rodents are filled with a unique soft foam / shaving cream fiber filling that feels like soft frosting.  It has a super-soft skin. They are 3.5" x 3.5" x 2.25", and come in 3 different colors. (RANDOM COLOR).

Slow Rise Squishy - Capybaras and slow rise squishies! A perfect combination.  This adorable toy is soft foam shaped like the large land rodent, the capybara. Each capybara is 3" tall x 3.5" long, and 1.75" wide.  The rodents come in many colors and have 2 adorable face styles.  Slow rise squishy fidgets are made from ultra soft spongy foam which slowly rises back to its original shape after being squished. (RANDOM COLOR).

Plush Water Wiggler - These water snakes are so much fun to squeeze and try to hold on to. This is a traditional water snake that is wrapped in a soft fabric that resembles a capybara.  It also doubles as a reversible plush, it turns from a light tan to a darker capybara rodent.  Watch out, this is one of those trick snake tubes that are difficult to hold on to.  Give it a little squeeze and it will shoot out of your hands if you are not careful.  Jumbo - 5.5" long and 2.5" wide. 

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