NEW - Mini Arcade Ball Toss Tabletop Sports Game - Launch Balls into Score

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 4.00 


These mini tabletop games are so much fun.  This is a mini version of a ball hop game.  This game is played by rolling a ball up an inclined ramp and over a "ball-hop" hump that jumps the ball into bullseye score rings. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by having the ball fall into holes in the rings which have progressively increasing point values the higher the ring is. The set comes with a mini tabletop lane with score rings just like the real version.  You get 6 plastic balls.  Boards are 10" x 4.5".

It is a fun novelty desk game to play with friends.  It is a perfect gift for any arcade lover, adult or child.  Each game can be enjoyed by one or 2 players, and is a fun way to decorate your desk at work with a little bit of fun.

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