NEW - Capybara Family Set of 3 - Mama and Babies - Mini Slow Rise Squishy Toy - Memory Foam Spongy Stress Fidget Ball

This is a cute capybara family set that includes 1 bigger adult, and 2 smaller babies. RANDOM COLORS. Capybaras and slow rise squishies! A perfect combination.  This adorable toy is soft foam shaped like the large land rodent, the capybara. Adult is 3" tall x 3.5" long, and 1.75" wide.Each baby capybara is 2.25" tall x 2.75" long, and 1.25" wide.  The rodents come in many colors and have 2 adorable face styles.

Slow rise Squishies - These soft and spongy toys designed to be squeezed and squished in your hands providing stress relief and sensory stimulation. Slow rise squishy fidgets are made from ultra soft spongy foam which slowly rises back to its original shape after being squished.  These unique toys help you relax by giving your mind something else to focus on while you decompress.  Slow rising squishy toys also make a great tool when doing mindful breathing.  Squeeze while inhaling, and slowely exhale as the form grows back into its original shape.  Kids and adults love the soft playful toy at home, school, work, or even in the car.  Take it out when you need to clear your mind and focus.

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